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The Story Of Us

Our Mission

Meaningful Everyday Accessories

In this age where “living” means survival, it is easy to get caught and drown ourselves in all the negativities, pressure and challenges to get by.

wrLove & Co. [ Wear Love or We are Love] is a dream project for us. We designed meaningful modern accessories to remind us of our “whats” and “whys” as we continue our journey. Each piece is inspired with our daily stories - a celebration of our triumphs, resilience on our struggles, and embracing them as we move forward. We make practical accessories that inspire people to be better versions of themselves and encourage them to show a little kindness to others.


Purposeful Design and Quality Pieces

Rather than having popular and extravagant designs, wrLove & Co. focuses on simple yet classic pieces designed for everyday use and suits any lifestyle.

Versatility is also on top of our design objectives. Each piece can be worn individually or as part of an ensemble to complement other pieces of jewellery/ accessories.

Designed for everyday use, we carefully handpicked the charms, natural gemstones and handcrafted rope bracelets to withstand rigorous daily activities. Pieces that you wouldn’t mind using everyday and everywhere.

We work directly with experienced jewellers committed to exceptional craftsmanship to create quality pieces.


Inspire and Encourage

We started wrLove & Co. to spread positivity. We envisioned these accessories to be your silent reminders of the things that matter to you. We would hope that these pieces will be your extra push to live your life the way you wanted and keep you grounded despite all the distractions.

The Founders: F G A

wrLove & Co. is a family-owned business that was conceptualized during a challenging chapter of our lives. The time when we felt broken, betrayed and, sometimes, helpless as a family. A stage in our lives where we challenged the intentions of each and everybody around us - both as a family and individually. We have decided to do a half reset of our lives - unlearn, refocus, re-align, and re-prioritize to move forward and see things on a different perspective.

wrLove & Co. is built to inspire and remind us that it’s not over yet and extend that positivity to someone, anyone and everyone that needs it.

We believe in the value of creating products that are rich in meaning, quality and story; products inspired by our day-to-day lives - real and genuine.

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