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April 05, 2020 1 min read

Wear Love, wrlove

wrLove <wear Love or we are Love>  is a dream project for us. An ambitious feat to spread some love and positivities in times of uncertainties, struggles and anxiety.

We wanted to redefine how people look at accessories and encourage that these pieces be extensions of their thoughts, dreams, struggles, inspirations and aspirations. 

Mindful jewellery is a unique concept inspired by the intention to help people live healthier happier lives by practising mindfulness.Mindful accessories are motivated by our daily stories - a celebration of our triumphs, resilience on our struggles, and embracing them as we move forward. We would like to introduce practical jewelleries and accessories that can be used everyday and move people to hope more, dream more and love more. wrLove & Co. pieces are simple reminders to encourage each one of us to show a little kindness to themselves.

As you  wear these reminder pieces, we want you to feel loved. And let these accessories  remind of the “whats” and the “whys” of your existence - your journey. These reminder accessories encourage us to practice awareness of being present.

Wearing wrLove & Co. reminder is like wearing a piece of your vision board with you. It is a visual representation of the things important to you, our life goals or our personal mantra. Something to constantly give us the push we needed to take that next BIG step.

wrLove & Co.

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