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April 28, 2020 2 min read

There are several factors that cause us to be motivated or inspired to do the things we really want to do. Waking up with these motivations in our minds make us do more than our usual routines.

At this age, I am more open to the realities of life, that my life does not just go around having a happy time with my friends, spending hours with my studies or cuddling with my special someone. This present day, I wake up with the reason that I want to give back to my family. I want to spend my time with them. I want to make them feel that I am here to make them happy and give them the things they deserve. I am more motivated to work really hard for my family. It's for the simple reason that I want to make them feel how I love them.

The next reason why I wake up is for myself. I have learned that before you make someone else feel you love them, you have to love yourself first. Every morning I wake up, I think of positive thoughts why I'm here and why I'm still alive. I know that I have a purpose and I am grateful for the life that God has given me. I wake up to love other people around me. Regardless of how they make me feel unloved, I am still here to love them. Love makes everything perfect. If you love your enemies, there will be no more pain or anger in your heart. 

Most importantly, I wake up to give thanks to God and to glorify His name. There are so many things why I am grateful to Him. He gave me things I don't think I deserve. He blessed me with my loving family. He taught me things I needed in life and He loved me unconditionally.

Waking up every day is such a wonderful blessing from above. In order for us to have a bountiful and meaningful life, we must always keep in our minds the reasons why we wake up.


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