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April 28, 2020 2 min read

Problems, circumstances, even struggles will always make us feel isolated. Sometimes it comes to our mind to give up and surrender our life. We are not looking at the brighter side of the darkest matter that we are facing all throughout. But having that problem should always have the motivation that we can stand and face it with love, faith and trust to ourselves, that everything will always be a reason to live and to survive. Therefore the following are the best motivation for ourselves.

First, always bear in mind that God is the one giving us problems, he challenges us on how we will be able to handle it. Moreover do not blame God for what problems we encountered instead continue praising him and make him a center of our lives. That in every puzzle that he gave us there's always a piece to make it, and create the best picture that it is only circumstances itself but we are tougher and bolder to fix it.

Second, set an agenda or goals. Don't make things complicated, be ready and prepared if we have plan A, make sure that we have plan B and remember if it does not work don't forget that there are 26 letters in the alphabet. Agenda or goals are set of things that come first to fulfill, it serves as a guide so that we will not be able to think more, instead, a process will occur, finish the first one, focus on it and don't overthink.

Third, inculcate to our mind that we have companions. Share the pain inside so that we will be able to seek advice and sympathy. We always have our Family to guide us, don't own the regret, share it and feel free to accept criticism, because all things that they are telling is from their heart and will help us to cheer up. Remember the more we keep the pain, the worse we become. However, our family has the ability to detect what we are facing so if they hug you, embrace them tight, take a deep breath and everything is gone, because their unconditional love and support are more than the wound inside our heart.

Fourth, always have determination, so we can act by deciding, definitely and firmly. Determination in ourselves, that we can achieve what God gave us, what agenda to do and the family that supports us. Because with our determination we can stand for what we want to do, we will because we can.

   Lastly, the aforementioned above will unite as one with Love, because love is unconditional and struggles are only a counterpart of it. Bear in mind the Love of God, Love of our family, and the how to love ourselves, because at the end of the day we will stand that in this pastel colors of life, there's always a rainbow after the rain and the sun will rise as sign of new beginning, new endeavour and we will step forward with a smile on our face that we surpass everything because God is always with us and we really give us his priceless and infinite LOVE.

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